What to take on the first date?

Going for the first date? Well, you must be having mixed feeling of joy, excitement, little nervousness, and of course bewildered. To impress your girl, carry a gift that she will fall in love. Here are some first date gift ideas for your first date:

1) Diamond pendant

GO for it. Diamond pendant is most loved gift item for ladies. She will love to wear it on important occasions of life.

2) Shopping Card

Pre-paid shopping card is a great gift idea for girls who are crazy about shopping. Give her financial freedom to shop whatever she likes in the store.

3) Love symbol

Though it’s a classical gift idea but it still works fine. The memorabilia will keep your love intact even when you are away.

4) Cell Phone

There are some cell phones which provide special features for lovers. There are many interesting apps to keep you engage for hours. The handset has beautiful look with sleek body. Give her this gift after the dating is over, to get lot more hugs and kisses.

5) Bouquet of flowers

This is a traditional gift and loved by women. Greet her with the bunch of flowers to bring a big smile and create a better impression about you.

6) Box of chocolate

Girls love chocolates. Try gifting her most delicate and delicious chocolate on first meet. She will love your style.

7) Beauty Center Card

Girls love spending time at beauty centre for makeup, haircut, spa and relaxing. Give her a beauty center membership card that she can avail throughout the year. She will thank you from the bottom of her heart.

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