How to Impress your Girl Easily?

Have you tried several ideas but failed to impress your girl? Don’t worry; today we are discussing some solid ideas that will help you win the heart of your girl, in no time. But before that you need to brainstorm some small stuff, to choose the top idea that suits your girl.

1) What are the things she dislikes?

Note down the things she dislikes. Some common things that girls generally hate are reaching late on the dating spot, lack of courtesy, boasting own personality, making place dirty, watching other girls, ordering food without her consent, too many promises and the list goes on. If you recall your last dates you will surely find stuff she doesn’t like. Once you have this list, make a plan to omit those mistakes, when you meet next time. Care for each minute things and she will love you.

2) What are things she is crazy about?

Some girls like to wine ‘n’ dine in a cool place while some like to go on an adventure tour. Make a plan to impress your girl. Keep her engaged with activities she likes most. Not only these, on every date make her dance and jump on her feet. Every day she lives in her dream and when the dream becomes reality she will be impressed by the love, care and attention you pay to her.

3) What are her personal problems?

Everybody has some personal problems but they hide from you, even if they are very near to you. In her case, she doesn’t want to make you sad on day of date with personal problems. You might not have spotted this fact. But from now, try to find some of her personal problems. May be she is not able to concentrate on studies, going through some sorts of financial crisis, somebody in her home is sick  from long time or somebody is teasing her. There can be all sorts of problems. Your job will be to somehow get to know about her problem and try to solve that without letting her know. If you do this successfully she will surely love you from bottom of her heart. Do not interfere in her personal life directly; just try to help her as an unknown friend.

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