Weebly Vs Wix – Simple Comparison 2018

When it comes to drag and drop website builders then Weebly and Wix both appear on the top of the charts. With the support of millions of users, aggressive marketing budgets and easy website building interface, they are indeed true market leaders. If you are new here and looking to start building a website using any of these two builders then this simple comparison(Weebly  Vs Wix) will surely help you in picking the best one, as per your need.

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To make comparison quicker and easier we will use the 4 most basic criteria. Why are these criteria important?

  1. User Interface: These website builders are mostly liked by people who do not want to mess with coding or don’t have time for development from scratch. If the interface is users friendly then people enjoy using the platform.
  2. Features: The features help in creating a stunning website that is attractive, SEO friendly and has better conversion rates.
  3. Pricing: The free version of builder will not provide all the tools and options to make a creative website. Pricing factor is what most people look first before digging into the details.
  4. Popularity Scale: New users always look for the service providers who have good popularity in terms of ease of use, reliability and support.

Weebly Logo                                           wix-logo

           Get started with Weebly                                                            Get started with Wix

*prices may vary on the actual website

Winding up

There are minor differences between the two. You can choose Wix if you want an to build industry-specific site in the easiest way. They have a larger user base with so many templates and elements to make a stunning website in no time. Weebly is loaded with features that can help you create several types of websites. If you are looking for e-Commerce store or blog then Weebly can be the best choice. To use your own brand domain, get rid of advertisement and use more features, you can certainly choose a premium plan of Wix or Weebly, any of them. They are fully affordable and loaded with creative features. Weebly Vs Wix – both are clearly a winner. You can spend some time on the site to try the things yourself and learn more about them.

Weebly Logo                                           wix-logo

           Get started with Weebly                                                            Get started with Wix

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